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A rainy weekend

Santa Monica Pier with storm rolling in

That’s Santa Monica Pier with a storm rolling in. The greyish bump at the horizon to the left is Catalina Island.

It’s not a bad thing that I didn’t work this week – the week before I did four 14 hour days, cumulating with an all-nighter that left me so drained I was unable to do much of anything but lay around and refuse to chase the cat.

I’m still tired.  I also haven’t been workout out much as I somehow managed to pull a muscle in my ass, which feels exactly as wonderful as one might imagine.

This past weekend it’s been cold and rainy, and today it’s clear and just plain cold, so my plan is to take the rest of the afternoon to work up the courage to go jump in the pool later.

Cold air+ cold water = ick, even though I warm up once I start moving around.  Hopefully I’ll manage to scare up some work this week, but it’s getting quiet, so I’m not holding out any hope.

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