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Back to the land of the hourly wage

After a couple of really, really long days on the flat rate favor job (seriously, I thought my days of having to negotiate pay for hours worked over and beyond reasonable for the rate were over. Please let me never have to go back there again), I’m once again in the land of the hourly wage that pays benefits with some nice folks that I haven’t seen in a while – which is good.

I’m looking forward to catching up and being paid a fair wage at the same time.

Everybody wins!

Said non-union flat rate favor job have decided that the proper thing to do for the crew after screwing us mercilessly is to throw a wrap party with an open bar.

Which is fine (although one could possibly argue that the booze bill could have funded some extra cash for the crew), except that the party takes place on a weeknight. Tuesday to be exact.

Which, since I’m likely to have a 6 am call Wednesday, means no free booze for me.

Oh, well. Guess I’ll just have to overindulge on Thanksgiving to make up for it.

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