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Crosstown drives and short turnaround

Tuesday, I had a last-minute call on Been Done Before – with a mid-rush hour start time all the way across town (of course), which meant I had to leave home extra early and still stressed out the whole time I sat on the freeway, not moving. Awesome.

They called wrap around 8 pm, and we had to load our truck and then find a van to take us back to crew parking. I got home around 9 pm, and I had a 6:30 am call all the way across town (in the other direction) this morning for a rigging call on Yet Another Cop Show. Why is it that when I come in rested we have an eight-hour day, but when I haven’t gotten any sleep the night before we go long?

Today, we were shooting on an $18 million yacht. No, that’s not a typo. A lovely sweep of fiberglass that you, my friends, can charter for a measly for 75 grand per week (including fuel and crew), and television shows can shoot on (for an undisclosed sum, of course).

After putting those paper shoe covers on so that our dirty toolbelt feet wouldn’t soil the white carpet or mar the marble flooring, we were allowed in.

Since it’s a bad, bad idea for the boat’s engines to be running while we’re shooting, we had to run power to said boat. Since the entire planet has apparently decided that boats need 480 volts of power we had to get two generators – one for the boat power, and one for our 120 volt power.

Do I need to tell anyone that plugging anything that’s normally 120 into 480 is going to result in a hilarious and expensive explosion?

Once we got the boat powered, we set up our balloon light on a barge (since they wanted the balloon to be right out in the middle of the harbor), and then got off work just in time to hit the rush hour traffic going home.

Barge Balloon

I’m off again tomorrow, which is good because I’m still coughing.

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One Response

  1. lighttech says:

    ahhh water –lights — power
    great combo!!!

    I remember when is was working generator on a set down in marina Del Ray a few back
    it was raining cats and dogs windy like mad lamp ops up in condors praying that it would let up before they tipped over from the gusts. Then the LD/dp adds more light and needs more power run. Well at this time the genny was in a muddy lots and was in about say 6 inches of water and rain coming down sideways. The best boy hands me the cable runs to plug into the plant LIVE!! –that does not bother me at all, it spooked the hell outta him. Just as I’m getting my stuff outta my tool bag to do it right and safe –I get a nasty idea in my head–muuhaaah!!

    Hey buddy why don’t you do this one?

    me (squeak)? glup!!!
    Its your job as genny op!!

    “really –you guys always seem to want to do it when its safe and easy and I’m stuck at home unemployed and feeling no love”
    fine run along son — then i get my stuff out, rubber gloves made just for this kinda work and other stuff — and hook it up –all-s good

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