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Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

Apologies for the gap in posting.

There’s been no work, which is unfortunate but not unexpected, so I’ve been expanding on some old blog entries, with the idea of publishing them as Kindle Singles just to see if anyone is willing to pay a buck to read my rantings and ravings.

But right now, I’d like to give a huge, huge kudos and a big, wet interwebz kiss to Spike TV.

On February 16, the crew of the Spike show 1,000 Ways to Die voted unanimously to join the union, and the producer of the show fired them and tried to bring in replacement workers who would be more docile and corporate overlord friendly.

Spike TV then informed said producer that they would refuse to buy any episodes made with a ‘scab’ crew.

It’s so very, very rare for a network to side with the crew members and the rights of the workers.

I’m  now a huge fan of Spike TV, even though I don’t have cable.

Keep up the good work, guys.

Should any of you who are local to Los Angeles wish to join the picket lines, ask in the comments and I’m sure someone will let you know about locations and co-ordination.

On a lighter note, should you want to see some wonderful pictures of rural California, I recommend Real Rural. It’s some incredible photos of the ‘other’ California.



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  1. A.J. says:

    Wow. I had heard about the 1,000 Ways To Die strike, but this is the first I’ve heard about Spike refusing to buy scab episodes. Count me in as another fan of the network who’s never seen one of their shows.

    This also reminds me of when the crew of SyFy’s show Face Off went on strike last year. I heard the reality show’s judges were the first ones to walk off. Granted, they are technically IA members themselves, but still awesome nonetheless.

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