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Friday Photo

Not Beer

Whenever there’s a scene with actors or background in a bar drinking, for obvious reasons they can’t be drinking alcohol, so any glasses you see are filled with non-alcoholic liquid. The best example is iced tea for whiskey. That bottle of jack is really filled with Snapple.

In this case, this particular glass is filled with watered down Coca Cola.

I feel bad for the actors who have to drink it and smile.

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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    You broke my heart! I always wanted to be an actor because of the free booze.

    Aren’t they trained to act sober?


  2. Doug R says:

    One afternoon I did extra work on a short-lived series set in a diner. I was one of a whole slew of diner patrons in the 2nd scene shot on the diner set; the other one having been shot that morning. Guess what they used for “food” on the plates we had to pretend to eat off of? The food from the morning setup–cold, greasy, mooshed around on crusty plates, randomly splotched with ketchup, already vastly overseasoned by the morning extras trying to look busy on camera. You knew the “food” was decomposing before your very eyes, but having some pride in your work, you had to pretend to “eat” it, botulism be damned. (All you saw when the cameras rolled was a bunch of extras endlessly salting their “food,” pushing it around on the plate, sawing away with knife and fork to “cut” it, pouring ketchup on it, and yet never getting any of it in the vicinity of their mouths). Nasty!

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