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Just when I think I can’t be surprised

Yesterday, as I was riding my bike home from swimming (no job, no driving. Gas is expensive, for America, plus I have to work off all that craft service somehow), I stopped off at the local overpriced organic grocery, pretending to shop just so I could sneak in a visit to the bathroom.

As I was walking my bike out of the parking lot, I looked up at the large American flag flying over the store – not out of a sense of patriotism, but to compulsively check wind direction (I don’t know why I bother. It’s not like I can do anything about it or change my course when I’m on the bike. Guess it’s just one of those odd habits), and noticed that the store had locked the flag to the pole.

You read that correctly. Unbeknownst to me, Los Angeles has been experiencing an apparent wave of rampant flag thefts by well-meaning but presumably broke patriots.

Or maybe it’s just the beautiful people who, having liposuctioned themselves into permanent frigidity, are desperately attempting to insulate themselves from the moderately chilly evening breeze near the beach.

I can’t believe this hasn’t made the news.

Probably because the local news are more interested in staged variety shows, but that’s a rant for another type of blog.

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  1. lighttech says:

    i believe it
    are are some of the reasons I’d bet on why
    they will steal anything not nailed down and if nailed down they will get a pry bar–see moron stealing live power cables with cutter –now dead guy not stealing–lol
    they want one for the fun of it –see morons in general
    it if its big enough it is worth something –one time they stole one from my gramps job. this flag was so big the pole was over 200ft tall and the flag needed a truck to pack it and run it up the pole —
    they are taking it in some kinda protest against all things American thinking its their right too take it as a protest even thou it represents the ideal why they have the right to protest –then they might burn it or toss it -in protest for/on the guys who protect it -im ok with protesting it your rights
    but remember some guys who used to do flag details -ya know with a one guy carrying it with a California flag or unit flag and 2 guys with guns on ether side and a screaming GUNNY saying don’t even let that thing touch the ground or i’ll stomp your nutts!!!! –might not like it a bit (memorial day is around the corner)

    rant over
    ( you might of noticed –i was at a time a flag detail guy)

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