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Mid-week status quo update

There’s still no work.

The cat’s still shaved.

It’s still hot as hell.

I still have no air-conditioning.

I still refuse to pay that much money for an iPad.  In the past,  I’ve paid less for cars.

Crabgrass is still taking over my garden despite my ineffective attempts to eradicate it.

The ocean water is still polluted, but it’s so hot I’m jumping in anyways.

I still can’t stay at the beach as long as I’d like because my pasty white skin burns after about an hour, no matter what sort of goop I smear on.

America is still in an election year, so I’m still afraid to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper.

I still can’t watch the Olympics due to NBC being dicks and not allowing people with no cable access to view the online streaming.

I still hate you, NBC.

I’m still calling around and being told people aren’t picking up crew just yet, but call back next week and there may or may not be something, depending on how the scout goes tomorrow.

There’s still no work.

Still, maybe next week.

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4 Responses

  1. I might be able to help with one of those, even though it’s almost over.
    Grab a program called Expat Shield – it will give you a VPN with a British IP and then you can go straight to the BBC site and watch any stream you want.

  2. ironrailsironweights says:

    The cat’s still shaved.

    Well I would have been sorta surprised if that weren’t the case …


  3. Things are heating up in more ways than one — I’m over at Hollywood Center these days, and that lot is jamming — sit-coms, commercials, you name it. Methinks your phone will start to melt from incoming calls very soon…

  4. I’ve visited your blog several times the past week or so and you have no new blog post. I hope it’s because you’re fending off calls because there are just too many.

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