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The most popular guy on set

Every so often, an actor comes on set and is instantly popular with the entire crew. Everyone loves him, everyone wants to have their photo taken with him, everyone talks about how awesome he is.
Meet That Guy:

Mr. Popular

Note that said Mr. Popular was also competing with a really adorable Yorkie whose name I can’t remember because he’s not a super-friendly puffer fish.

He got his picture taken all day and seemed to love it:

I’m ready for my close up, baby.

The attention never let up, even with said cute dog on set. Probably because Mr. Popular would come swimming up to whoever it was looking into the tank and pose.

The show rented the aquarium and resident fish for the entire episode, so I’m sure Mr. Popular will continue to dominate the on-set cell phone photos for the next few days.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave2 says:

    Well, he IS kinda adorable…

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