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I’m late but it’s not my fault

Late Sunday night I got a call to work a follow spot for a show on the Fox lot.

Fox is an easy commute for me, so I left about 40 minutes before call time, so I’d be able to perhaps grab a bite before we got called in.
I was driving east on Santa Monica when, for some odd reason, the traffic stopped. I figured it was an accident, so I cut around and finally ended up completely gridlocked at a barricade manned by the world’s most annoyed police officer. Then, I checked Twitter and found out the President was once again, screwing up traffic on the Westside during morning rush hour.
Can’t they have him sleep in until, say, 10?

So I sat there, in sight of the lot but unable to  get there. I begged the officer to let me abandon the car, walk across the road and then come back and get it later. No deal.

I then tried to get out of the car to get to the trunk to get my newspaper.

“I’m going to have to ask you to stay in your vehicle, ma’am”
I just really wanted something to look at besides the minute hand on my watch ticking further and further past my call time, but an annoyed peace officer with a large gun can be very persuasive.

Out of nowhere, a newsbot appeared at my driver’s side window. I wondered how the hell they’d gotten through the traffic.

“May we interview you about the traffic??

I declined, and gestured towards the increasingly irate looking police officer. “Interview him.”

The officer’s facial expression failed to change as he slowly reached down and put his hand on his truncheon.

The newsbot backed off.

Worst part was seeing the traffic from another street being released and causing a  horrible jam up at the entrance to the parking garage while I was still being held at the barricade.

Walked onto set one hour late. To the minute.

At least both camera operators, half the grip crew and the producer were also late.

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  1. lighttech says:

    here’s what ya do send a bill for the time to here
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, DC 20500

    I would! no joke –with a full explanation of why –for the cost of 10 min and a stamp –who knows what you will get back????

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