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It’s the 6th day that gets you

The problem with six day weeks isn’t days one through five. Those days are fine. Long and filled with silliness, but fine.

Nope it’s the 6th day. That’s the shitty day. The day when one hurts as soon as me gets out of bed. The day when one can’t seem to focus or remember much for longer than a few minutes.

Sunday, I got up, shuffled to the kitchen and stared into the fridge for about a minute before I realized that everything inside had gone bad and would need to be thrown out.

I then did laundry, shuffled around aimlessly and then went back to bed.

I’ve started out our last week tired and unable to think – and  this week will most likely be 14 hours every day with 10 hour turnaround every night.

So I come home and make some incoherent notes and then go to bed.

The posts are there, I just haven’t gotten to them yet – When I can, I’ll go back and actually post them. I know it’s ‘blog cheating’, but it’ll still be entertaining, I promise.

I’m off to work after the Monday 10 hour turnaround for the Tuesday 14 hour  day.

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  1. boskolives says:

    While trying to push my sound cart through narrow hallways in practical locations such as you’ve described, I used to say the traditional “Move or bleed” to the masses of dumb asses that chose to block those arteries with their conversations, but it wasn’t working so well. Now I say “Free Prostate exams, just stay where you are”, this seems to at least get their attention and raise awareness that perhaps this isn’t a good place to stand and plug up the works. Some grips I know use a variation of this while carrying shoulder loads of dolly track sections or combo stands and call out “Free Dental work” which often does inspire some movement. Of course, your milage may vary as loads of four ought cable are heavy but they don’t appear to be too dangerous looking.
    Happy holidays and all that,

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