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The Big Yellow Joint* lands in Beverly Hills

As a promo for the new episodes of Arrested Development, Netflix has sent the Bluth Banana Stand on tour.

After missing the first two days (The Grove and somewhere in Culver City) due to not checking twitter upon rising in the morning, today I logged on first thing and found the location: The Paley Center in Beverly Hills.

Sweet. The Paley Center is super cool (and they were screening the entire series in the theater) and is, as a bonus, on the way to the garden.

Workin' it

This location featured a Never Nude convention.

Cutest Never Nude ever

Never Nudes

The security guard handed out stickers and greeted each person with “hello, Mr. Manager!” regardless of gender. Sweet.

Movin' up in the world!

As I’d so desperately hoped, they were giving out actual frozen bananas.

Bluth Frozen Banana

I thought about getting in line again to get another one (to save), but then I realized it would melt before I got home so I went inside and watched a couple of episodes and then went to the garden.

My grapevine’s making grapes. They’d be bigger if I ever fed or watered the thing, but since the birds get most of the grapes I don’t see the point.

Baby Grapes

* The Big Yellow Joint

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  1. Dave2 says:

    Now that’s cool. :-)

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