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Something strange has happened in my neighborhood.

All of the electronic billboards have gone black. Every single one of them.

No explanation has been given.

I’m scared.

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8 Responses

  1. They lost a lawsuit and the city made them shut down…

  2. boskolives says:

    That takes all the fun out of shooting them with a paintball gun, not that I would do that or recomend that….

  3. Having those blatantly intrusive signs shut down is the first truly good thing I’ve seen LA do in a long time. Paintball gun? Good idea — I was just wondering how much damage a sawed-off scattergun loaded with birdshot could do to those digital nightmares…

  4. geekhiker says:

    Figures. Now that I don’t have to drive past the blindingly bright one at Santa Monica and Westwood every day, they turn it off…

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