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Ouch and double ouch

I decided I’d finally had enough of the bathroom and cleaned the shower.

Since those ‘no scrub’ cleaner never seem to work, I have to get in there with some scouring powder and elbow grease to get the tub clean.

Once I’d scrubbed and rinsed and scrubbed again and was satisfied that I’d gotten as much funk off the tile as possible, I reached out of the tub to get the glass cleaner to start work on the doors.

I lost my balance, and toppled forwards. Lucky for me I caught myself on the towel rack before my face hit the floor, but in the process I got a toe caught in the metal track for the shower door and heard a muffled ‘pop’.

I decided to ignore it and finish cleaning the bathroom.

When I was done, the toe wasn’t swollen, but it was black and blue.

Really black and blue.

And hurting.

I figured I’d broken it, so  I put some ice on it and decided to wait it out.

Over the next couple of days, the bruising got darker and darker until  today I decided to use the health insurance while I still have it and go see the doctor.

Who told me what I already knew – the toe was fractured and would heal eventually.  No treatment needed.

At least it was good news.


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