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Oh, crap! A job!

Yesterday, as I was frantically sending out “Got any work” texts, I got a call from someone I’ve only worked with a few times.

“We need a dimmer board operator, and I got your name from (mutual friend). it’s three weeks of work. Do you want it?”

Do I want it? I’ve never heard such a silly question. Of course I want it.

Downside? It’s a console I haven’t had a lot of practice on, but apparently all the other dimmer board operators are working as they’re willing to be patient with me while I figure it out.

I’ve got a one on one booked at the company that makes the console, I’ve watched all the video tutorials, and I have a friend who knows said console on speed dial. I might not be ready, but I’ll sure as hell be able to fake it.


And it’s on  a stage, so I’ll have some air conditioning, which is awesome as it’s currently hot as ass here in LA.

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2 Responses

  1. chucksnuc says:

    “You got picture? Good. When the camera passes her face, fade all the 20K’s 15% and bump up the Bag Lite 10%. Sorta semi-slow fades; you know?”

  2. kammi says:

    ION’s not so bad. Could be worse. A lot of schools (high schools/ colleges) actually have those (EON and ION) now, too. Hmm…media servers/projection you’re talking! (I need you to do some pixel mapping for this part…)

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