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Too busy for my fridge

Just let me start this out by stating how grateful I am to be working.

The only problem with working is the fridge and its contents.

Right before I got this job, I’d purchased some food.

I was thinking about my budget,  so I  didn’t go too crazy. Veggies, mostly, but also some chicken and assorted toppings. I usually have a bag of brown rice in the cabinet, and I’ll cook a batch as needed about twice a week.

I thought I was set.

Then, I proceeded to spend 12 hours a day on set with craft service and catering.

So today, when I opened the fridge for the first time in.. I don’t know, I was greeted to a big bunch of wilted and moldy garbage, with accompanying odor.


Even the mustard was moldy. How can that even happen?

Since the fridge was empty after I pitched everything, I took the time to scrub it out while I was muttering angrily about wasting food.

I’ve got one more week and then I’ll re-stock with  a shiny clean fridge. Maybe. Hopefully there will still be enough work to justify not buying groceries.

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A completely new kind of pain

I’m used to my job being physically exhausting.

I’m familiar with coming home worn out and sore. So familiar that I have an entire drawer full of ointments, unguents, and assorted quack remedies for sore muscles.

I am not, however, familiar with being mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

I haven’t used my brain this much in a decade. Or more.

Part of the problem is that this show requires the dimmer board operator (that’s me) to also wire practicals (the ‘normal’ lights that you see on camera). Since “they” made me download an app which allows me to bring up channels using my phone (no, really, the console has wifi), I still get numbers yelled at me non-stop even when I’m not physically attached to the board.

It’s fine – it’s just… mentally taxing.

By the end of the day, my head is swimming with numbers, I’ve got that throbby thing in my eye,  and I can’t stare at a computer screen for one more second.

For the first time ever, I’m having to take work home.

Right now I have a folder full of lighting plots that must be completed over the weekend. You know, the weekend. Like when I’m off the clock.

I understand a great deal of the rest of the world routinely does this and it’s no big deal, but it’s … disquieting to know I have to work (for free) when I’m supposed to be downing martinis, brushing the cat,  and going for a nice long swim (not at the same time, of course).

The guys I’m working with are super wonderful and have been very patient (especially my boss who is an angel), but it’s  still frustrating when I have to tell everyone to wait while I figure something out – which usually means dealing with more numbers.

On the bright side, I can wear running shoes (‘trainers’ for non-Americans) instead of my work boots.




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New School / Old School

Since I’ve decided I can only learn one new thing at a time, I’m going to be making my lighting maps the old-fashioned way – with paper and a template.

When I came up with the idea, it seemed reasonable enough – just go and buy a template and then I’ll be tracing my way to not having to learn a fucking CAD program on top of everything else I’m trying to absorb.

Except that prancing into Studio Depot, whipping out my credit card and bypassing technology wasn’t as easy as I’d imagined.

The templates haven’t been stocked in quite some time, since apparently everyone in the world is using the aforementioned fucking CAD program.

Guess I’m going to have to have a talk with the gaffer about how we’re going to map this. Hopefully he’s got a template somewhere and can bring it in.

Maybe in a week or so I’ll be able to tackle new learnings, but right now my brain is worn the hell out.

Also, it’s hotter than ass here in Los Angeles, so there’s that.  Wait. I was trying to make a point, then I kept sweating and now I… forgot.

UPDATE: Filmtools has them. Sweet.

Guess where I’m going after work tomorrow?

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