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Friday Photo

When working up high, it’s very, very important to stay safe and be certain that nothing falls. Even something seemingly harmless like a roll of tape or a pen can cause problems if it plummets 40 feet.
So, everything is either kept in a container (a box, a milk crate, etc…) or tied off to the rails.

Like this:


Normally, one wouldn’t bother to tie off a can of iced tea, but this happened to be in a high traffic area (near the ladder) and clearly someone felt the need to stay safe. And keep their tea out of the cardboard box of water and soda we’d brought up with us. ¬†Anything in the main drink/snack stash is community property and subject to drinking by anyone at any time. But a can, tied off to a railing is clearly private property.

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  1. On the show I just left, there was a plastic bottle full of piss up high that had been there for months, the screw-cap tightly secured. And this on one of the few stages in town that has an actual elevator to take us to and from the perms,

    That amber bottle was there when I first went up high, and then — not being the regular up-high man — I saw it again when I went up to trace down a bad socco lead during my last week on the job. Once my task was completed, I brought the bottle down and threw it in the trash.

    Probably broke several laws in doing that, but it’s better than having somebody step on it by accident up high, then sending eight ounces of cold urine showering down on the hapless innocents below.

    I understand having to use a bottle when there’s no time to find a bathroom — I’ve had to do that myself more than once — but is it too much to ask that you dispose of the bottle at the end of the work day?

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