Totally Unauthorized

A side of the film industry most people never see.

Go on, say it.

Did I say I had steady work coming up?


What I meant was I thought I had a gig but the best boy made a change at the last-minute (as in the Friday before I was to start), and didn’t tell me.

These things happen, and I’m sure he had a good reason – there are so many folks who are really, really hurting right now. It’s possible that whoever replaced me is going to lose his/her house or insurance or become destitute save for this gig.

I’ll never know. It stings a bit, of course, but I just have to let it go and hope that it’ll all work out for the best.

It usually does (most of the time).

The first thing I did was get on the phone and start informing people I was available.

My “I need work” texts must have seemed sufficiently desperate as I’ve managed to scrape up one day this week, which is better than nothing,  but still…

Right now would be the appropriate time for the  ‘I told you so’ chorus.

Remind me to spend the rest of my life at financial DEFCON 1 no matter how well work is going.

On the bright side, I’m now officially too broke to drink so my liver gets a nice vacation. Hooray!

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4 Responses

  1. chucksnuc says:

    Remind me to spend the rest of my life at financial DEFCON 1 no matter how well work is going.

    Well-spoken (typed).
    I’m getting tired of always seeking work.

  2. Wait a minute… you were booked all week, then got un-booked on the Friday before the job was to start — essentially at the last minute — but the Best Boy didn’t bother even bother to tell you?

    That’s unacceptable. Sure, lots of people are hurting, but once you book somebody they stay booked unless they decide to unbook themselves so as to take a better gig. A Best Boy doesn’t simply dump a juicer he’s already booked to hand the job to somebody else — that’s way wrong. And if for whatever supremely important reason he does, he then calls the juicer being dumped with profuse apologies and a solemn promise to deliver more work down the road.

    What he doesn’t do is give your job away then forget to tell you. That’s bullshit — and the clown who would pull that kind of crap isn’t a “Best Boy” — he’s a Worst Boy.

  3. I agree with Michael. Not acceptable behavior on his part AT ALL. You probably dodged a bullet, if those are the kinds of people working on the project, but it still sucks.

    I fully believe you will land something much better and rewarding, both creatively and financially ASAP.

    Best wishes.

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