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The end is nigh

We have two weeks left until this show wraps.

At this point, we’ve used our lighting budget and aren’t allowed to rent any more equipment, no matter what.

Which would be fine if we had, as originally promised, no swing sets*.

But big ideas happen in the writer’s room and things change, so we now have to light a new set each week. But – we can’t get any new stuff, so we have to steal from whatever permanent set isn’t working to complete the rig.

Which is also fine, except that this week’s swing set will also play next week, so we didn’t de-rig it.

We’re fine if the set we stripped doesn’t play, but no one knows yet.

In other news, the cat is still alive.

$300 in blood tests and the vet has determined that she’s old (no, really?), anaemic, and may have an ulcer.

So I have to grind up a quarter tablet of Pepcid AC and put it in her food, and give her high-iron paste and it seems to be working.

She’s perkier and much more like her old self, which is awesome.

The downside is that iron paste is tenacious. Five minutes of exposure to sunlight and it hardens into something that I’m pretty sure would repel bullets, so of course the cat hates it and it’s a struggle to get it down her gullet.

The paste ends up all over the walls, the floor, her face, her fur, my hair, etc… I have a bit of eyebrow that’s shellacked now, and it’s just going to have to grow out.

I can’t mix it into the food as she’ll smell it eat around the bit of food that’s got the paste.


Any suggestions?  I’m covered in goop here.


*A swing set is any set that’s temporary – usually for one episode.

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6 Responses

  1. Sex Mahoney says:

    Having never heard of iron paste, I looked it up and one of the top search results was CPU thermal compound.

    One site recommended putting the paste on the cats paws. []

  2. We had something similar happen on my show a couple of weeks ago: “No more lights,” came the edict from above, but then the producers had a brilliant idea to shoot a cheapo music video (sit-com style) for that episode…but with every set working that week, we had nothing left.

    Still, “no more lights.”

    Testy phone calls were exchanged with the office, and the UPM finally came down to the stage.

    “How am I supposed to light a set with no lights?” the gaffer asked. The UPM looked around and finally understood that we really didn’t have any more lights… and he had to relent, sort of. We cut the order by a third, then he’d okayed it.

    This business sure ain’t what it used to be…

    Maybe you could mix some of that iron paste with peanut butter, then smear it on your cat’s mouth — she might lick it off and ingest some of the iron. I did something like that with my old cat back in Santa Cruz when he was at death’s door — used some kind of protein paste — and it worked.

  3. skatefriday says:

    Yogurt on your finger with paste? Start with just yogurt one day, and then slowly add the paste. Not sure if that would work but I never met a cat that wouldn’t lick yogurt off a finger.

  4. try a really oily natural style PB its high oil content might loosen up the paste a bit

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