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Happy New Year

As is normal for the first part of January, I’m unemployed. Even in busy years, January just doesn’t see that much action.

Although this normally worries me (even though it’s been happening for years), I guess it’s not a terrible thing as this week I seem to have picked up some unholy cough from hell. I’m talking bent double with spasms in my lungs, wheezing like an asthmatic pug.

It could be that it was 40 degrees last week and 80 degrees this week, or it could be the 8 percent humidity, or it could be the sudden lack of cat hair in my lungs.

Or, I could have caught the plague when I was flying across the country on the screaming baby express.

Who knows?

I’m sure I don’t have the flu, since I haven’t got body aches or a fever, but whatever it is has moved into my lungs and is picking out wallpaper. Or something.

I’m just glad it’s relatively warm here. According to my sister, the high at her place tomorrow is supposed to be 2 degrees (F).

I love you, California.

I do have one day of work this week, but I’ll be up in a condor so hopefully no one will hear me wheeze.

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4 Responses

  1. chucksnuc says:

    I’m with ya; XMas in Berlin sucks. Cold, rain, snow, cold, gray, cold.
    From now on, XMas in July!

  2. Mpg says:

    I guess I shouldn’t complain about the 30 degree Xmas I had.

    Oh yer. That’s degrees celsius.

    Gotta love the festive season in Australia.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Join the club – nothing like firing up the January blues with a bit of unemployment! I think it’s to do with awards/festival season – everyone is focussing on already produced work and new stuff won’t kick off for another couple of months. I’m producing something myself at the moment so I suppose I’m sort of employed… even if I don’t pay very well ;-)

  4. boskolives says:

    Ahh, tradition. For the past 30 odd (some far more odd than others) work has slowed down for me at Thanksgiving, died completely at Christmas, and slowly is resurrected two or three weeks into January as the production offices are re-born and begin to spurt out jobs again.
    I.O.W., “Same as it ever was”.

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