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This is what happens when you don’t wrap extension cords properly. The get all kinked up and don’t function efficiently.

Inside the rubber jacket are little thin copper wires that do not like to be kinked. They object to it so much that they break. Broken wires don’t work so well at moving electricity from point A to point B.

Camera assistants are usually the culprit, as they like to ‘over and under‘ everything.

I keep pleading with them to stop, but I think they think my pain is amusing.

Every time you over and under a stinger, an electrician cries. It sounds kind of like doves.

Camera and video cables get the over and under treatment, everything else gets coiled clockwise – or the next time someone uses the damaged stinger to plug in a hair dryer that pulls enough power to light up a city block, the stinger will melt and people will panic. Which is funny, but bad.

Just like doves crying.

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2 Responses

  1. chucksnuc says:

    I’ve always been of the opinion that if a cable (stinger ➡ 4/⦰) wants to go a certain way, do not fight it. Wrap clockwise, but if it is kinking, do a single under-wrap.
    If it is very kinked, then a stretch-out w/ twisting is necessary. B/c the clockwise wrap shall never be violated!

  2. yep a “an electrician cries”
    but when its time to turn in that rental the producer cries like a mom who just lost 5 kids –ohh the sobbing wailing that comes from one as you BILL them for the damage “almost” I said almost makes me laugh —

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