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Happy New Year!

2015 was a hard one for me. Work was busy, which was good, but I had some serious setbacks in my personal life – which is a big part of the reason I’ve been neglecting the blog, but it’s a new year and time to move on to being normal.

I’m currently trying to declutter my apartment. When I moved in here, I figured the place was so small I’d never be able to accumulate much junk.
Oh, how wrong I was.

In the last week, I’ve hauled about six bags of stuff to the thrift store. Out of style clothes, ragged stuff that I was using for work (“there’s a hole in the crotch, but hey, who’s going to be looking at my crotch?”), jewelry I never wore, reams of paper that came from heaven knows where, and about a million reusable grocery bags. Apparently, the bags have babies when you don’t keep an eye on them – which is the only explanation I can think of for why I had so fucking many of them.

Next up, I need to cull out some of the cookbooks. I love vintage cookbooks, but my collection is getting…unwieldy and about half of them need to go.

I should have another week or so before I have a snowball’s chance in hell of finding any work, so I’m going to use that time.

And I’m going to ride my bike if I can stop from freezing.

What are your plans for 2016?



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3 Responses

  1. chucksnuc says:

    Think about your next move.
    Think about how many times you’ve already moved those shelves of books and records/CD’s.
    The music you MAY play again. I just culled (OK, maybe a little heavy on the verbiage) about 150 LP’s from my collection, and I find that my life still has meaning. The remaining 850 LP’s and 200 CD’s will have to do.
    But books? After moving some 4 or 5 times w/o ever reading them, it hit me that some would probably never be read. And how many books do you have that you have read more than once?
    I also got rid of ALL my books, a few hundred, including many of the beautiful coffee table variety. If I want to read a book, I will check it out at the LIBRARY. What a concept!
    Go big on your de-cluttering in regard to all that weight you have been moving around for the last 20 years. You will not miss them, and your life will be simpler. And lighter.

  2. k4kafka says:

    My New Year plans are to continue watching for new,witty,and
    completely “spot-on” postings about this terrible business we love so much. What’s wrong with me ? Much more,please…

  3. Plans? They say “God laughs at those who make plans,” and they’re probably right — but my plan is to belly-crawl all the way to the finish line, then punch that red “eject” button, blow through the canopy, and pray the chute opens before I hit the ground.

    Enough’s enough…

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