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Stress and time to enjoy it

Work is slow right now. Very, very slow. Part of it is just the time of year. The episodics are on hiatus, the pilots are over and nothing will really start happening for another month or two.

I’m feeling it more than usual, though, because the show that I worked on fairly steadily for over a decade is gone. Done, over, kaput, never coming back, sets in the garbage, misty-eyed ‘remember when’ Facebook group formed.

I didn’t really realize how much of my income came from said show until I started wondering why I was so broke in April. I should be doing okay this time of.. oh, wait. That.

So now, because my expenses are now above what unemployment will cover, I’m worrying. Not just about the slow month, but about a potential writers’ strike.

If they strike, all production will grind to a halt and we’ll all be unemployed – potentially for months.

I simply haven’t got the cash reserves to survive extended not-workingness.

Sure, I could get another bunion surgery, but it might be better to get a job. A real job.

Except what I’m able to get via temp agencies won’t cover my expenses, either.

So I’m waiting. And breathing deeply, while trying to quell the rising panic about something that hasn’t happened yet.

But it’s hard, because the last extended work stoppage was bad. I barely squeaked by, and ended up with a shitload of credit card debt that I do not want again.

Today, I went to the Actor’s Fund and did the intake meeting so I can go to the resume classes and get career assistance – mainly in the form of resume classes, financial planning classes, and job listing.

I found myself in a room full of people just like me – all panicked about different things, and all wondering how we were going to survive.

I was the only jerk in the room to actually mention the strike, and everyone around the table tensed up.

At the end of the meeting, we all shuffled out, planning which workshops to come back to – I’ll have to ride my bike, though, as I’m not sure I can afford to pay the parking, or buy gas.

It’s better to knuckle down sooner rather than later, right?


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4 Responses

  1. poethelena says:

    Every time I see an abandoned couch, I think of you. I hope something great comes up soon and would love to be of any help possible. You are still making me laugh after all these years!

  2. use some of this time to write. keep your head up. xo

  3. Louisa Flores says:

    If you have atleast one true friend, or a family member that cares about you, perhaps, as this door, seems shut, another will open. You are an intelkigent woman, you have a nice personality. Call certain accounts, about lessening the amount. To carry you through a couple of months. This too will pass.

  4. pdofak says:

    I tried to send this to the email link but that failed. So here it is here:
    Although I haven’t followed your blog regularly I have enjoyed it immensely for a bunch of years. I used to work in production. Fun job. Not so great way to make a living in Alaska. Market is, um, “limited”. After about a dozen years of kinda making a living, things got too thin I decided I needed a day job so I went to the oilfields at the top of Alaska. That was 8 years ago. Turns out it’s not a horrible way to make a living. A regular paycheck and you only work half the year. I miss production work to be sure but I really don’t miss worrying about money.
    Long story short; After all this time I got laid off. The company doesn’t manage itself well and with the drop in oil prices they found themselves in trouble and panicked resulting in a dozen leads, foremen, and supervisors got thrown out on the street.
    I did the same stuff. Went to Job Service and got some resume counselling etc. etc. Not much available in the way of good jobs. We lost 2-3 thousand jobs from the North Slope. Lot’s of talent available and looking for the same gigs. I’m still looking. Although I haven’t been super diligent about it I need to land something soon as I’m about out of rope.
    Bottom line I bet you come through this patch just fine. Don’t panic. Be happy, Have a little fun and be smart! The upbeat ones get picked up first.
    Good luck.
    Peace and love,

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