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A good deed never goes unpunished

The producers of this show figured out they could save money by not having much at craft service. It’s usually just coffee with that wierd powdered milk, some fruit fly infested bananas and whatever chips were left over from the day before. They have items with which to make sandwiches in the truck, but they keep the truck locked so we can’t use any of them.

I understand – they can only offer what fits in their budget and they’re doing the best they can.

Our lead actress came on set one day, looked at the table and got upset. About us. She went to the producers and told them they needed to get us better crafty and right now. It was an incredibly noble gesture, as she gets whatever she wants brought to her trailer so whatever is or isn’t on the table doesn’t really make a difference in her world.

The producers, wanting to keep their star happy, proceeded to bring in much better crafty – actual milk for the coffee, fresh chips, a few more healthy options. Plus, for about a minute, they let us make sandwiches on the truck.

Until our actress had a day off. Then it was back to not having anything.

Then the actress came back, and it was great.

So, lead actor who complained about the treatment of the crew gets us better crafty, but only when she’s there. When she’s not…

Today, we’re running two units and we had her for two hours. As soon as she left, so did the coffee machine and the cheese and the yogurt and everything except the same bowl of fruit that’s been out since the beginning of the show.

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