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Today was an insert day on Been Done Before. Inserts, in case you’re not familiar, are those little close up shots of things like a finger pointing or a pencil being broken or a computer monitor which are not shot with the actors, but are shot with doubles after the fact – a week or so on a TV show, a few months later on a movie.

The reason is time. It’s going to slow the production down too much to stop and shoot inserts, and really, until you get a rough cut you don’t really know what inserts you’ll need, so why not just wait?

We were supposed to be on the same stage all day – in several different sets, but still, a very manageable day.

Until a shot got added.

A day exterior, to be shot all the way across the lot, after dark.

We packed up our carts and every HMI we could find, traipsed across the lot and rolled on the shot, even though it’s not going to match because they didn’t have the same stuff in the background.

Some days, I think a lot about Sisyphus.

Can’t imagine why.

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Some things I’ve learned in the past few days:

Much like monkeys, zombies are just fucking hilarious.

Really disgusting looking disembodied arms can be purchased from Cinema Secrets for under $30 each.

It’s surprisingly difficult to make a small child cry.

Although I never would have guessed it, really good actors will respond to a casting call placed on Craig’s List.

Final Cut Pro will be the death of me. Should the filmmaker fairies pay me a visit anytime soon; right at the top of my list will be real editing software.

And though I already knew this, stage blood stains like hell – we shot on Sunday, and today I’m still lightly stained (although going to Trader Joes after the shoot was fun – I think I seriously traumatized at least six people).

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