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Too busy for my fridge

Just let me start this out by stating how grateful I am to be working.

The only problem with working is the fridge and its contents.

Right before I got this job, I’d purchased some food.

I was thinking about my budget,  so I  didn’t go too crazy. Veggies, mostly, but also some chicken and assorted toppings. I usually have a bag of brown rice in the cabinet, and I’ll cook a batch as needed about twice a week.

I thought I was set.

Then, I proceeded to spend 12 hours a day on set with craft service and catering.

So today, when I opened the fridge for the first time in.. I don’t know, I was greeted to a big bunch of wilted and moldy garbage, with accompanying odor.


Even the mustard was moldy. How can that even happen?

Since the fridge was empty after I pitched everything, I took the time to scrub it out while I was muttering angrily about wasting food.

I’ve got one more week and then I’ll re-stock with  a shiny clean fridge. Maybe. Hopefully there will still be enough work to justify not buying groceries.

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Some interim reading for you

Since I’m currently unemployed and the blog has been very, very boring, I thought that I’d recommend some light reading written by a friend of mine which I just know will make up for my general suckiness (no pun intended).

Carly Milne , who has link over there to the right, has written a book about her time working in porn. Carly was a publicist (which I didn’t even know pornos needed) and has some hilarious stories to  tell. She’s fabulous, and we all need to work together so she can finally buy that 24 carat pool boy she’s always wanted.

Here’s the link:

My one foray into lighting for a porn was, well, interesting. It was well before I got into the union and couldn’t afford to be picky about jobs (“Porn set on an un-airconditioned stage in the Valley for not much more than gas money? Sure!”).

To be fair, I currently can’t be all that picky about jobs, but it’s totally not the same thing. At all.

I’m sure the plot (what there was of it) was the same as in any other porn and honestly all I remember was the broiling hot stage and one of the women telling us that one of her implants was leaking silicone into her body, but she couldn’t get them removed because then she wouldn’t work.

Also, in retrospect, the craft service table was unacceptably carb-laden.

You can buy the book for the low, low price of $2.99, or, if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can borrow it for free.

Either way, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

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It’s almost like a vacation.

After a short turnaround, I had a couple of nice slow all-stage days on Been Done Before.  Hooray for short commutes!

The day was nice and easy with wonderful folks who I like to work with, no extras on roller skates, no loud music, no photographers, no smoke, working air-conditioner. Awesome.

Thursday, I burned myself about an hour before lunch. I’ve got a hole in my gloves (they wear out right at the seams), and when I went to adjust a light, the part of the finger that was exposed made some really good contact.

The upside is that I’ve burned my fingers so many times I don’t really feel it, but the downside is that since I didn’t feel it right away, I probably got a much worse burn than I would have otherwise.

Right on the tip of the index finger.  Awesome.

The last time I burned myself was on the same show, and I did it right in front of the producer, who made me to go the lot’s medical office (normally minor burns, an occupational hazard of set lighting, are just ignored), so this time I got teased by my co-workers (“Should we call 911? Do you need sedatives?”).

I didn’t go to the nurse, just borrowed some ice from craft service and rummaged through the first aid kit we have in our office for a bandage.

Weekend to-do list: Buy new gloves.

Since we didn’t get off work Thursday until 10 pm, I had to spend half an hour trying to find a drugstore that was open, as I needed some of those special fingertip bandages – the regular kind don’t stay on, and the finger burn was deep enough that I really wanted to keep it covered in case the blister broke.

Having had some experience with burns, I highly recommend not breaking the blister. It doesn’t make it heal faster, it just makes it hurt more and increases the likelihood that it’s going to get infected.

So – nice heavy padded fingertip bandage, and today I made an effort to reach for things with the other hand.

We had sound on Thursday, but today was just inserts, so lots of little shots, but small lighting set-ups.

Although this director usually goes late, we had a 10 hour day, and I was tempted to go swim after work, but the last thing I need is pool water in a burn. Plus, it’s still January and the gym is a madhouse.

Hopefully I can get in the pool by Sunday if the finger’s looking good.

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