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‘Cause the sun don’t roll like that.

One of the things about shooting day exteriors in winter is that there’s just not that much daylight – in the summer, the sun comes up at 5 am and doesn’t set until around 9 pm, so when one is shooting day exterior, one has all the time in the world.

Today, we had a horrifying amount of stuff scheduled even for a extended summer day, except that it’s not summer.

It’s November, and the sun comes up after 6 am and sets around 5 pm – which means that one can’t cram all that much stuff into one day no matter how hard one wants to believe.

Today, we shot at the Willow Springs Speedway in Rosamond (which is about 20 miles north of Bumfuck in case you were wondering), and to take advantage of the available daylight, we had a 5:15 am call and we barely made our day. Near the end of the day, as the light started to take on a color quality that wouldn’t match any of the other stuff that had been shot that day, one of my co-workers jokingly put on a fake gansta accent and said “They think they can control the sun. They don’t understand that the sun just don’t roll like that. “

As it was, our last shot was done after the sun had gone down, but before it got dark (that weird grey time when most of the time we cheat for night). What this means for us is that while everyone else is starting to put stuff away because there’s only one shot left, we’re starting to unload our truck because if the first AD can’t talk the director out of trying to get that additional shot, we’re going to be turning on every light we have in an attempt to make daylight where there is none.

Luckily, we only ended up pulling two lights off, so we managed to wrap up pretty quickly.

The only problem I’m having now is that it was so dry up there (and the dust filled wind coming from the desert didn’t help) and now I’m all crinkly feeling, even though I’ve drunk enough water to float a medium sized aircraft carrier – which, of course, means that instead of sleeping, I’ll be up all night commuting to and from the toilet.

Call time: 5:15 am

Wrap time: 7 pm

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