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On second thought, maybe don’t let it snow.

I’ve worked in all sorts of environments – asbestos-filled, slimy, stinky, smoky, rat-infested, prostitute-infested (oddly enough, not the same place), etc..

But this past week is the worst I’ve ever felt from something on set. My cough has escalated into full-blown bronchitis, and one of the actors got so sick he had to take a day off.

Needless to say, once someone important got sick production put a stop to the paper snow (which, it turns out, wasn’t movie snow, but acoustic insulation – the type that is mixed with plaster and sprayed onto ceilings).

This was a step in the right direction, but what they switched to was shredded styrofoam – and still continued to throw in front of fans because the shakers are ‘for big shows’.

This led to marginally less coughing, but a lot more itching.

I only itched a bit (as in I waited until I got home to claw my clothes off and scrub my skin raw), but two of my co-workers were driven to the brink of madness by the itching.

Instead of the inadequate mask from production, I stopped off at the hardware store and bought a better one, so yesterdays 15.5 hour cluster fuck (oh, that’s a post all on its own) left me with only a mild cough.

Today, we started the wrap, so we were only there for 8 hours – but I still wore my mask as the FX guys were sweeping up the flakes and it was really dusty.

After work, I went to swim, but was almost 15 seconds slower per 100 meters due to the difficulty breathing and the coughing.

Although it’s not being blown around any longer, the snow will continue to be a problem since it’s on (and in) everything. We’re going to have to use the compressed air to blow the stuff out of the lights we’re taking down from the pipe grid.

Outside, of course, and wearing masks.


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Saturday Photo

Above the dropped ceiling

I would have posted this on Friday, but I was completely wrecked after working all night Thursday night (and getting food poisoning from the catering truck. Again), so here it is a day late.

Shooting in office buildings means contending with dropped ceilings – most of the time they’re just a pain in the ass (and full of territorial spiders), but every once in a while some joker somewhere decides to be efficient and put fiberglass insulation above the panels.

You know, for extra points.

Unfortunately, that means that when we (or the building’s regular maintenance guys) have to get up above the panels for any reason (like to hang lights), we get a face full of fiberglass.

Have I mentioned that fiberglass insulation makes me itch like crazy? I don’t mean normal itching. I mean clawing at my skin until I bleed itching.  I kept having to abandon my co-worker while we were hanging lights to go to the ladies room and rinse off. Fortunately we were doing this near the end of the work day, so I didn’t have to itch for very long and I’m reasonably certain that my co-worker will eventually forgive me.

At least there’s no worry about asbestos in newer buildings.

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