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I love CicLAvia.

I’d love it in any other city, but the fact that car-crazed Los Angeles actually closes streets to traffic so a bunch of bike-riding deadbeats can have fun is nothing short of amazing, and makes me giggle like some sort of a super-villian.

Every time the event is held, it gets bigger and bigger, so clearly I’m not the only one who enjoys it.

This year, it was really crowded, but still fun. Since pictures are supposedly worth a thousand words, please enjoy a novel:

Stationary cyclists

Photo OP

4th st bridge

Pinata District

Double Dutch

Traffic jam

Bike Polo!!!

parking problems

Power Rangers!

Fire hydrant, drinking fountain

Next event is October 14. Awesome.

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Friday Photo

Due to the outrageous door fees for most of the New Year events here in Los Angeles, a few girlfriends and I ended up at CityWalk, which is Universal Studios’ attempt to squeeze some cash out of the townies in addition to the piles that they’re raking in from the tourists on the studio tour. Last night, they were featuring two bands, fireworks at midnight and most importantly, it was free and close by since no one wanted a long drive home.

The plan was to get there before the restaurants started charging covers to enter (seriously? $50 door fee at City Walk? Come on, people), have some dinner and then mill about and enjoy the cheesy ’80’s band until the big moment.

Although the dinner plan went well, City Walk was packed – guess we weren’t the only ones balking at a paying a cover charge, so we went to the upper level to move a bit faster, and that’s when I took this photo from behind the corporate seafood place’s sign. For the record, we had corporate Italian food for dinner. Not that great, but there was a lot of it and since we ate at the bar we managed to bypass the 1 hour wait for a table.

The band were fun and a good time was had by all.

Happy 2010, everyone. Let’s all hope it’s a damn sight better than 2009 was.

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Friday Photo

Just because I didn’t want to leave you with a shitty post over the weekend, here’s some eye candy for the ladies (and some of the gents, too):

Happy Friday, ladies (and some of the gents)!

This was last night at the book release party for Taschen’s new coffee table book about penis. Yes, that’s right – an overpriced ‘art’ book about wang.

Since I have an overactive imagination, I’d pictured the book release party as being something right out of A Clockwork Orange – you know, giant penis sculptures, white foamy cocktails, etc.. The actual party was considerably less visually thrilling and more like every other book party I’ve been to. Crowded, hot, bar stocked with lukewarm chardonnay, but still fun.

I have to work all night tonight – at least I won’t be frying in the heat.

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Best news I’ve had all month!

My building is now officially in escrow, so this morning the real estate agent came by to take some pictures of my place (to make sure that I’ve got water-saving fixtures in the bathroom and smoke detectors in all the rooms) and I took the opportunity to pump him for information.

Turns out, the buyer isn’t going to tear the place down – he’s restored several other apartment buildings and houses in the area, and apparently came to court (because the building’s been in conservatorship since the landlady went nuts, so the sale had to be approved by the court) with photos of the other restoration jobs he’s done and an assurance that he intends to return the building to it’s full Jazz Age glory.

Because of Los Angeles’ rent control laws, he can’t throw me out just because he restores the building. Right now I’m very, very happy.

I’m so happy that the knowledge that I hurt myself last night through sheer stupidity doesn’t even bother me.

Somehow, I got on the list for a party held at Prada in Beverly Hills. Since I’ve never actually purchased anything at Prada, how I got the invite is a complete mystery to me, but I’m certainly not going to say no to free drinks, so off I went – wearing heels, which I’m not supposed to do anymore because of my knee. Of course, I was also wearing the obligatory Very Short Skirt which prevented my from being sensible and at least wearing the knee brace with my heels.  Hey, I never said I had any sense.

Sure enough, this morning my knee is swollen and painful. I don’t care. Gallons of free champagne (good stuff, too – not the canned kind), an endless stream of tiny hors d’oeuvres and the assurance that I’m not going to get evicted means today is wonderful even if I am limping around the house with an ice pack taped to my leg.

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