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If it’s 1 am where I was, what day is it where I am now?

I’m back, I had a great time but right now I’m incredibly tired.

I have three gigs of photos (and that’s just the digital stuff – I won’t get the film back for a few days) to go through, but all I’m going to try to get done today is laundry. Plus, I have to eat some vegetables – I think my cholesterol’s gone up 100 points in the past 10 days.

As much time as I spend bitching about my fucked up sleep schedule, this time it worked to my advantage – I adjusted to the time change really quickly, so I’m hoping today is the only day I’ll only feel like boiled gym socks.

In brief because my brain’s not really working right now:

Of course, when we were in Paris, there was a transit workers strike, so I missed some stuff I’d wanted to see (also because things were opening late and closing early) and it took us three hours to get from our hotel near the Luxembourg Garden to Orly airport (which was where we picked up the car).

Speaking of cars, we didn’t get one with an onboard navigation system because we thought we’d be fine with a map. Oh, how wrong we were. I don’t think any of us are going to make that mistake again – and probably wouldn’t have made that choice in the first place if someone had warned us in advance that in some of the smaller towns in France there aren’t any street signs. I’m sure this made good sense in the past (confuse the hell out of the invaders and they might just give up and go home), but now it’s just annoying. I’m not going to take over – I just want lunch.

Leaning out over the battlements of a medieval castle and yelling “I fart in your general direction!” is exactly as much fun as I’d imagined.

I can’t. eat. any. more. bread.

Oh, and because I know there’s one picture everyone’s dying to see:

Paris Couch

More later, when I feel more like a human being.

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My priorities should be obvious now.

For my trip, I’ve packed the following:

Three sweaters

Three pairs of pants

Three shirts

Four pairs of socks

Many pairs of underpants (yup, learned my lesson)

One coat

One scarf

Four cameras (two digital, two film)

One video camera

Twenty eight rolls of film

Enough digital memory cards to make a deck and have a poker game

One tripod

Yeah, I guess it’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

The car’s coming to pick me up at 7 am, and I’m already tired because I was up late cleaning the house (I care about what the cat sitter thinks of me, you know).

Hopefully this means I’ll be able to sleep on the plane, although I doubt it.

I don’t know if I’ll be bothering to check emails at all (I’m sure there are internet cafes, I’m just planning on being too busy to care), and I’m certainly not going to post, so in the meantime please check out some of the fantastic reading material over there on the sidebar.

I’ll be back on the 26th!

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