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Weed faster!

Pilot season is officially at an end here in Los Angeles, so work’s getting a bit thin again.

I’ve been working on weeding the garden, but clearly I haven’t been weeding quickly enough as an irate garden master confronted me this morning.

I was surveying the broken stalks of my fava beans and wondering if I’d be allowed to set up some sort of squirrel catapult (google it yourselves – I gave up trying to find a video that didn’t have an excessively loud and annoying soundtrack), when the garden master snuck up behind me.

He’s from Russia, so his English isn’t the best but the gist that I got was that I need to get the weeds out of my plot because they ‘make seed’ and it’s ‘no more just this plot’.

I showed him that I’d been working at it and he shrugged and said ‘faster’.

Awesome. So now I’m on notice at the garden and am too broke to pay for help like the lady in the plot next to me has (no, really. She hired a gardener for her garden plot. At first I didn’t get it but now I totally understand).

Guess I know what I’m doing for the next few days.

Also, any tips about how to get rid of squirrels that doesn’t involve poison or a standing army?


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3 Responses

  1. boskolives says:

    I tried a squirrel repellent spray on my garden that was recommended to me by a guy at OSH which turned out to be worse than worthless as the stink permeated my house even with the windows closed. I’m awaiting either another commenter to suggest something better or those schematics for the squirrel catapult. I heard that cat pee will scare them off, but you just try to find a cooperative cat when you need one.

  2. geekhiker says:

    If only a cat could be trained to patrol a garden…

  3. hkd says:

    in Toronto we have had much success with this product (scarecrow motion activated sprinkler…we have a similar one but not this model):

    also a big shaker of cheap cayenne pepper mixed with curry powder and garlic works….and u get less rain to wash it away.

    I won’t have a garden this year so I’m looking fwd to your updates.

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