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What? I can’t hear you

At the same time we’re running cable in the perms, construction are, well, constructing.

Although there’s no video, this is audio of three different saws plus the shouts of co-workers desperately trying to communicate.

Oddly enough, the one saw that was making me insane (teeth grinding, ears ringing) seems to be outside the decibel range that the phone can record. It’s that very low rumbling noise.

Welcome to the rigging crew. At least we managed to get the really loud radio turned off.

Earplugs aren’t an option as I have to be able to hear my co-workers and rigging crews don’t have walkies (on The Island, we had earplugs over the walkie headsets and those heavy-duty headphones for shooting ranges over that. Still didn’t work, though).

I ended up wadding up napkins from the cafe and shoving them in my ears, and they worked surprisingly well. The noise level went from “I’m going to kill someone” to “It’s loud, but I’m okay”, and I still managed to hear my boss, so all was well.

Have I mentioned how super happy I am to be working?

In much more important news, the cat is fine.  She’s holding down her overpriced cat food with overpriced quail eggs on top (don’t judge – she’s the kitty equivalent of 90, so every calorie counts and a chicken egg is too much since I don’t want to scrub down the litter box every day), and walking on my face while I’m trying to sleep.

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4 Responses

  1. JD says:

    I notice you are pretty discrete about things you are currently working on (when there’s work). Not so much in the old post about The Island. Just curious if any co-workers know about your blog and has it ever gotten you into hot water? I’m a long time reader and really enjoy your posts. Thanks.

    • Peggy Archer says:

      I had a media shitstorm a few years ago and was actually fired off a show – and caused some problems on another, so I started being really, really careful. The last thing in the world I want is to cause my co-workers problems.

  2. There are a variety of hearing protectors available nowadays. Before I go on it’s important to understand that “intelligibility” is the amount of decibels ABOVE the ambient noise. So if you’re in a very noisy environment and someone is trying to talk to you, it’s irrelevant to understanding them whether you’re wearing hearing protection or not. If it’s very noisy and you can’t hear them with earplugs in, taking earplugs OUT isn’t going to help.
    That being said, your noise environment (which “sounds” to me like is louder than OSHA standards) probably changes second-to-second. It goes from relatively quiet (no saws running) to un-freak-a-bly loud (saws running). The answer is in hunting hearing protection.
    There are passive earplugs (made by Peltor, among others) which are made to let you hear relatively naturally and only close up during very high noise peaks (like gunshots). Even better are active over-the-ear hearing protectors (which will be better for protection against low-frequency noise) which ALSO amplify low-level signals (presumably so you can hear deer in the brush.)

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