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An avalanche of tiny checks

Due to a contract change, I got a retroactive pay raise on some shows, which is great, but as of now, I have eight checks, all around $20, mostly from the same show – I guess it was a check per episode and it was too much trouble to send out one.

Which, again, is great. Money is great.

Because I have direct deposit and am a lazy, lazy, bum, I usually don’t look that hard at said checks and trust that the best boy did his (or her) job and got everything right.

So now, I have to go back through the pay stubs and see how many more are real checks.

Serves me right. Happy New Year.

Update: mail just came. It’s now 12 checks.

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2 Responses

  1. Patrick says:

    I imagine a scene like in “The Jerk” where Navin is writing individual refund checks.

  2. chucksnuc says:

    Got mine in November. Eight from Cast & Crew and one from Entertainment Partners. On an off day I had fun adjusting the rate and gross on my Numbers spreadsheet ‘2018 Work’.
    Not sure why those days worked weren’t paid at the new higher rate, but here’s to the IATSE for keeping the various productions honest.

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