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The Derp is Deep.

Oh, did I say ‘get a job’?

What I really meant was ‘send around a resume and make a million calls only to be told that film industry work experience doesn’t transfer over to the real world’, which I kind of already knew.

One person did tell me that I’d make a really good insurance salesperson, which I’m not sure if I should interpret as an insult or not.

For some reason I always thought jobs paying only commission were illegal, but there seem to be a whole lot of them listed. Or maybe it’s just Craig’s List.

Or maybe it’s just me.

I won’t take anything that’s going to pay less than unemployment, as the state’s UI is just barely more than my bills, so slinging fast food at the drooling masses isn’t on the card, and speaking of drooling masses, what the hell is up with people wanting a photo of applicants? Is that not also illegal?

Also, if you’re going to list a job for copywriters on the internet, the very least you could do is make sure your follow-up email is correctly spelled.

In other news, the entire town is currently in the grip of a rain related panic. Not only is the predicted hellstorm of skywater going to moisten the city like it’s never been moistened before, but it’s coming from the south so it’s warm.  The good citizens of Los Angeles can’t seem to wrap our collective minds around the concept of warm rain.

“It’s sort of like a shower, right? Except outside tand I have to wear clothes.  And it’s all sticky. Like humidity, but we’re in California so that can’t happen here.”

Save us all.

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5 Responses

  1. fmayhar says:

    Shoot one at Google LAX. Can’t hurt, and you never can tell what might pan out. And I’m pretty sure there are positions that could use your skillset.

    Worth a shot, anyway.

  2. ironrailsironweights says:

    Do NOT under any circumstances take a straight commission “job” selling insurance. More than 90% of the people who try selling insurance are gone from the field within a few months. No matter how prestigious the insurance company may be, the process is the same: hire anyone who can fog a mirror, knowing that the vast majority will earn nothing and leave, in the hope that an occasional star will be uncovered. Another thing you can be sure of is that you will get no support from sales management (who are certain to be a sorry collection of half-wits), other than being constantly nagged to approach friends and family members and try to sell them policies they usually don’t want or need.

  3. @fmayhar What is LAX? LA International Airport?

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