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This is the way we scrub the floor

This week has been all about cleaning the house because I don’t want the new owner to think I live like a pig when he does the walk through (I’m not sure when that’s going to be. I’m still desperately hoping I’m going to start working again soon, so I’m cleaning now while I have the time), and I’ve come to the following realization about myself:

I have way too many shoes. Really, it’s out of control. I blame my mother, whose motto was ‘never throw anything away because as soon as you do it’ll come back in style and then you’ll have to buy another one so you may as well just keep the old one’ for my current footwear overflow issues.

Hell, I can’t even wear quite a few of them since Dr. Buzzkill put the kibosh on my wearing heels. But I just can’t bring myself to get rid of them.
The doctor has also ordered me to lose as much weight as I possibly can (without becoming one of the lollipop-head set, of course, although years of hauling cable around have left me with enough muscle in my upper body that I’ll never be able to get scary skinny) in the hopes of buying some time for my  knees.

I’m on a pretty brutal workout regime – not only do I have those doctor’s orders to drop some lard, I have to get some of that muscle back on because although I make jokes about being weak and girly, not being able to do my job doesn’t go over so well at work, so when I’ve not been cleaning the house I’ve been pumping the iron and doing the hated cardio in the gym. I’ve basically doubled the workout I normally do – heavier weights, more exercises per body part, longer cardio time (my knees are fucked up because of work, not the gym so the physical-therapist approved workout’s not going to make them any worse).

All this working out has left me sore and cranky. That, and I really hate my gym. I’ve been going to 24 Hour Fitness for years and it used to be a decent, no-frills type place to work out, but now the clubs are oversold, horrifyingly filthy and generally miserable.

They’ve also gotten rid of the gender-segregated spas. I love to sit in the steam room, but I hate sitting in a smelly, trash strewn steam room with guys who stare, make comments and ‘accidentally’ brush up against any women they can corner.

I’ve decided that as soon as work starts back up and I get a steady check, I’m switching. I’m looking at Meridian (no web site that I can find), because they’ve got a club close to me and one of my friends goes there and just loves it.

Of course, the gym I’d really like to join is the Sports Club LA, but it’s so far out of my price range that I can’t even begin to think about it. Damn. They have the best pool ever.

Enjoy a photo from the weekend’s road trip up the coast which I was too tired and sore to write about:

Old San Simeon beach

Also, the couch blog got featured on the LA Times website today.

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11 Responses

  1. Meg says:

    San Simeon. Years ago, we would go camping on Hearst land-we had been told it was okay, as long as we closed the gates so the cattle wouldn’t get out onto Highway 1. We would camp on a bluff overlooking a stream that fed into the Pacific, and build bonfires on the beach. Old San Simeon (the “town”) had a market with a butcher-the meat was from the Hearst herd. The vegetables were grown locally. That market is now a “gift shop” and it breaks my heart to walk in there and see racks of souvenir crap. If you stand under the eucalyptus trees, and look out at the old wood pier, you can “almost” see William Randolph Hearst checking the plundered European cargo being offloaded for his castle.

    Peggy sez: The market was closed for remodeling, but I know what you mean. The pier’s still awesome though. I just love the central coast of Cali. The campsite sounds awesome. One of my fave places to camp is Point Reyes, further north.

  2. Not4me says:

    You know Peg, that “Abandoned Couches” thing could make for an interesting short film (I’m thinking under 8 minutes)…using some video footage, wacky narration and creative use of your stills. This could make the You Tube & short film festival circuit. Whatcha think ?

  3. Stan says:

    Oooh! Couches! They even linked to one of mine! 15 seconds of fame!

  4. Peter says:

    Sometimes it’s better to join a gym that’s independently owned or part of a smaller chain, than one that’s part of a nationwide or regional chain. No guarantees, but it often works out that way.

  5. snarkolepsy says:

    I had to stop going to 24. The jar heads queeb’ed me out.

    Well – that and no one at mine seemed to carry towels. Some “dude” would invariably leave his “essence” all over the machines. Not a few drops of sweat mind you. An “I’ve been running for hours” sweat. Then just walk off, and not even wipe the machine down.

  6. Elan Ruskin says:

    Take a look at Spectrum Club if one is near you. I used to go to the one in Santa Monica and it was clean and had up-to-date equipment. It also had a bunch of classes I didn’t care about, and a monthly rate that was ridiculous compared to the various deals you could get.

    Peggy sez: I love the Spectrum Clubs, but unfortunately there isn’t one any where near me.

  7. Charli says:

    I almost joined 24 Hours when I moved to Santa Monica, then I decided I was at the beach and I’d rather go for a free walk then pay to join the gym. I’ve been here a year and I’ve walked more miles here than I have at anytime during my life.

  8. geekhiker says:

    I’ll admit it, I feel incredibly lucky to have found my gym. It’s not fancy, and actually pretty small. It’s a corporate gym that allows community members to join. But I like the people who work there (all five of them), everyone knows each other, and it’s always clean.

    The central coast is one of my favorite places (I’d probably move there if the job market were somewhat better). Have you ever been out to Montana de Oro? Fantastic place, especially in the spring…

  9. RJ says:

    Film work just isn’t good for the human body. My knees are bad, my feet are worse and a good friend of my can’t raise his right arm above his shoulder. His doctor’s comment on it was, “What did you think would happen when you were slinging that Panaflex over your shoulder?”

  10. RC says:

    Used to belong to 24 Hour, now we go to LA Fitness, new building, so will be interesting to see how long is stays that way. I do see a lot of daily cleaning going on that I never saw at 24. Cheers RC

  11. nezza says:

    I still can’t believe the doc told you to lose weight. There’s nothing of you woman!

    Peggy sez: Except for my big fat head. And my inflated sense of self-worth. But I suppose those are one in the same, aren’t they? BTW, it was great to meet you! You have to stay longer next time!

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